Gel Nails are equally as strong as acrylic and are thinner and more flexible, with a natural, permanent colour, or French high gloss finish. Gel polish dries instantly in U.V light. Great for toe nails.
Permanent French Tips
White tips with a clear acrylic overlay for that French look ~ $50.00
French tips using white/pink acrylic powder for a permanent French look~ 60.00 

Acrylic Tips - $50.00            
Great for adding length to short nails

Natural Nail Overlay - $40.00
Clear acrylic overlay over natural nails helps prevent breaks and splits
from $5.00
Cuticle area is refilled and white acrylic is re-applied.

Permanent Colour Gel  & Gel Shellac Nail Colourfrom $40.00
Dries instantly in a U.V light. Many colours available. Smudge & Dent proof. Also can do French gel overlay!!

Removal of artificial nails - $20.00 
Nails are gently soaked off in an acetone solution followed by a manicure and natural nail treatment

Buff and Polish - $15.00
Shape and smooth artificial nails, condition cuticles and reapply polish 

Customized Manicure - $30.00
Hands are soaked in a warm Aromatherapy Lotion, nails are then filed & shaped cuticle's are moisturized followed by hand exfoliation and massage from elbow to fingertips. Nails are then polished with a colour of your choice 


Gel Polish For Toes- $50.00
Semi permanent colour is applied then dried under a U.V lamp.                                 
Gel polish is smudge and dent proof, and dries instantly. 
  • With Pedicure extra $30.00
Pedicure - $40
Feet are soaked in a warm foot spa with essential oils. Toenails are filed, any calluses are reduced, feet are exfoliated with a scrub and massaged, followed by the application of a nail colour of your choice
  • With French Polish extra $5.00